Insure the buyer’s default risk for a buyer arising from one or a few individual sales transactions with a single buyer!

In the case of individual risk insurance, only the buyer’s default risk arising from one or a few individual sales transactions with a single buyer is insured. An individual risk insurance contract is suitable, for example, if you are starting to work with a buyer and you cannot predict how extensive the cooperation with this buyer will be, but you need the certainty that your business will not suffer in the event of the buyer’s default.


  • We reimburse your company for the damage caused by unpaid accounts receivable.
  • You can more boldly start sales in an unknown foreign market.

  • You will get more information about the background and payment history of the buyer.

  • Gives you a competitive advantage, as you can offer the buyer flexible payment terms.

  • You receive assistance in debt collection and compensation, and are reimbursed for the related costs.

  • Credit insurance can be used as a guarantee when financing sales invoices with factoring or other financial services.

For who?

starting enterprise
established company
exporting company

Service is suitable if

  • you wish to insure the buyer’s default risk arising from a single sales transaction with a significant buyer or the buyer’s default risk arising from multiple sales to that buyer during the period of insurance, but you do not know upon entry into the insurance contract how many sales transactions will follow,

  • you are in the process of taking your first steps in exporting,

  • you want to offer the buyer a long payment term.

Important conditions

  • You can insure the buyer’s default risk for a buyer located in Estonia or abroad.

  • The payment term generally granted to the buyer is up to 90 days and must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance contract.

  • We must be informed of the payment default of a buyer within the agreed time.

  • In the event of default by the buyer, we will close the credit limit assigned to the buyer. Subsequent sales transactions are not covered by insurance cover.

  • You must be careful in your economic activity to prevent damage from occurring or increasing.

  • You can apply for an insurance benefit if an insured event occurs. An insured event is the insolvency of the buyer or failure to pay over a long period of time (a period of at least 180 days). Events that constitute an insured event are described in more detail in the policy conditions.

  • Insurance indemnity is subject to an excess.

  • The buyer’s default risk associated with your business cannot be insured. The buyer must be independent.

  • The obligation of the buyer to pay for the purchased goods or services is insured. Claims against private individuals, fines for delay, contractual penalties, service charges of credit institutions, foreign exchange losses, customs fees, and other charges are not covered.

Insurance process

To enter into a contract, fill in the insurance contract application form and send it to the e-mail address krediidikindlustus@kredex.ee. If you have any questions, please contact our client manager.

We will review your application, assess your portfolio of buyers and, if possible, make you an offer for entering into an insurance contract.

For our part, we will make sure that we have understood your insurance needs correctly before making an offer. We will explain to you how credit insurance works.

When preparing the offer, we take into consideration information concerning the area of activity of your company, the number of markets and buyers, the amount of the credit limits being applied for, the estimated volume of insured turnover, previous loss events and other circumstances relevant to the conclusion of the insurance contract.

When submitting an offer, we will explain the terms and conditions of the insurance policy you are being offered and the costs involved in entering into the insurance contract.

Study the offer carefully and make sure it suits your needs. Feel free to ask any questions you may have when reviewing the offer.

If the offer is suitable, we will sign the insurance contract and you will receive an invoice for paying the insurance premium or its first instalment.

The insurance period is 12 months.

There are two types of costs associated with an insurance contract: the premium and the costs associated with the assessment of buyers (credit limit charges). The premium must be paid in the amount stated in the policy. The final amount of the premium is calculated taking into account the actual insured sales turnover.

We assign the buyer a credit limit. The credit limit amount is the maximum amount up to which a sale to that buyer is covered by the insurance cover. During the period of insurance you may, if necessary, apply to amend the amount of the credit limit. The amount of the credit limit depends primarily on the buyer’s creditworthiness.

Please fill application for credit limits and send to: limiidid@kredex.ee.

If a buyer delays in the payment of the invoice, first remind them of the payment obligation yourself. If this fails to help resolve the situation, inform us of the buyer’s debt within the term set out in the insurance contract. To do this, send a notification of the payment default to the e-mail address kahjud@kredex.ee.

The insurance indemnity can be applied for after an insured event. To do so, send an insurance indemnity application, together with documents evidencing the damage, to the e-mail address kahjud@kredex.ee.

We will make the decision on payment of the insurance indemnity within one month after receiving the application and required accompanying documents.

Before signing the contract, check the terms and conditions of AS KredEx Krediidikindlustus and, if you have any further questions, contact our specialists.